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Focal Point 17

"Seeing Beyond Today, Into Tomorrow"

Focal Point 17 is a 5 week program created to pursue the following results.

1. Increase your awareness of your “Identity.” Understanding Who you are.

2. Gain Clarity on where you want your life to be in the next 90 Days.

3. Create a more precise strategy to move you to where you want to be in the next 90 days.

Program Includes:

"Identity Capital"


Increase your awareness of “Who you are” and develop the skills to leverage “Who you are.”

"Push It To The Limit"


Learn specific skills to think big and implement High performance type of Risks/Bold Moves

"High Performance Shift"


Begin the process of Re-Evaluating what you have been programmed to believe and understand/implement a mindset shift.



Learn to keep your momentum through increased learning and implementation.

"Taking Flight"


Learn how to increase your output through the power of intentional “Oversight.”

Next Program Starts

Sunday 4/2/17

8:30pm Est.

(Virtual Training)

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